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Taylored Tours will help you discover the hidden side of Italy, as well as the key highlights.

Italy's unrivalled cultural heritage, diverse landscapes and celebrated food and wine make it an unmissable destination. There are so many superb places to go, it can be difficult to know where to begin, but Taylored Tours can help you create an itinerary that reflects your interests, takes in the main sights and reveals some of Italy's lesser-known charms.

Whether you wish to travel with a group, hire a private chauffeur, or drive yourself, Taylored Tours will help make your trip to Italy memorable. If your desire is to discover artistic masterpieces in the churches and galleries of Florence, uncover Rome’s iconic sites, relax on the Amalfi Coast, or learn to cook traditional Italian pasta in Tuscany, we will set you on the right track. Your route will be ”taylored” to your own interests. Taylored Tours will help you discover the hidden side of Italy, as well as the key highlights.

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I’m Cindi Taylor, the founder of Taylored Tours. I am based in Durango, Colorado and I cater to clients all over the country. I started Taylored Tours because I believe deeply in the power of travel. Anything I can do to get you out exploring the world makes me happy!

Taylored Tours offers custom travel planning services to destinations around the globe, full of immersive experiences.

I bring my expertise and passion into meticulously planning Italy vacations that leave our clients immersed in the breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine, and rich history of Italy. My extensive knowledge and insider relationships provide a unique and enriching vacation experience, ”taylored”  just for you.

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When is the best time to visit Italy?
The best time to visit Italy is during spring and fall, when the temperatures are comfortable and there are fewer crowds.


Temperatures start to warm up in spring, going from the late teens to mid-twenties, although it’s still advisable to wear layers in case of colder spells.


The summer months of July and August see higher temperatures and visitor numbers reach their peak. Temperatures are normally around 81 °F and often reach over 88 °F at the height of the day.


Temperatures cool down gradually, so September is still very pleasant, with an average of around 77℉. Expect crisp fall leaves and some sunnier days, but plan for wet weather too.


Temperatures in the south remain mild in winter. However, northern Italy is normally wet and cold, and it’s not unusual for snow to fall, especially in the mountains.

Immersive Experiences

A cultural powerhouse famed for its legendary art and architecture, glorious landscapes and gourmet food and wine, Italy offers you a wealth of experiences. When Taylored Tours designs your Italy vacation, we include immersive activities that offer a deeper insight into the country's most famous attractions and give a local perspective on life in this fascinating destination.

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