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Did you know that the region of Molise is the newest Italian region with some of the least traveled paths? Molise was officially recognized as its own region in 1963, and it evokes a unique cultural and gastronomic blend influenced by its neighboring regions: Abruzzo (which it was once a part of), Puglia, and Campagna in southeastern Italy. Unknown by the tourist masses yet and preserved by several national parks, Molise is an agricultural region that proves to be a desirable destination for off-the-beaten path type travelers looking for an authentic Italian countryside experience.

Molise has an old world charm that can be hard to come by in the 21st century. Many castles, abbeys, and Roman ruins are scattered throughout the countryside, and the people of Molise are very proud of their heritage. Festivals are held throughout the year celebrating the history of Molise and the people wear traditional garb.

Molise is divided into two provinces, Campobasso and Isernia, and although there are cities and some industry, it remains to this day a mostly agricultural part of Italy.

In this exciting part of the country, you can explore a part of Italy that is virtually devoid of mass tourism. You can discover delightful flavors and homemade pastas, pickled vegetables, different types of cured meats, and caciocavallo cheeses. Go for a horseback ride, take a long hike, or visit the region’s national parks.

This culinary vacation is a true farm-to-table experience, including a six-night stay on a family farm in Molise. Your hosts will give you a warm welcome as they share this undiscovered corner of Italy with you. Discover the ancient perched villages, the stunning coastline, the “tratturi,” or centuries-old shepherd’s paths that bisect the countryside. Taste the local pastas, cheeses, and wines, and enjoy a unique and intimate culinary tour of Italy.